Wednesday, June 2, 2010


A few folks I know have suggested once and again that I start a blog. My response generally was that, between Facebook, Twitter, and the blog I already have that focuses on one of my comic book projects, it would be a bit silly to start something new. Go figure, I suppose.

My plan is to use this blog as a general purpose public sort of thing - where Facebook rants are generally for friends and colleagues, Twitter is for my friends and colleagues with ADD, and the Four Kingdoms blog is for friends and colleagues in the comic industry, this blog will encompass all of them. It will also encompass people I don't know - this is a public blog, after all. Can't be too picky there.

For those of you who aren't fully up-to-speed on who the hell I am, I design video games and write comics. If you've played a Ninjatown game (either the DS version or the more recent Trees of Doom! title), gotten Space Miner: Space Ore Bust on your iPhone, or decided to while away the hours playing Monopoly on your iPod Touch, then you've played one of the games I've helped to design.

I've only recently gotten involved in comic writing, but you'll be able to see my very first published contribution to the medium this summer in Legends of the Guard #2. I'm planning on writing more about that project in particular in a later blog post, so I'll leave that one there for now. Aside from Legends of the Guard, I've also been occupying myself with the Four Kingdoms project, which you can read about in the accompanying production blog. A more recent project is starting to materialize with artist Sean Rubin, who handled all art duties in our story for Legends of the Guard #2. When that actually gains corporeal mass, perhaps I'll talk about it a bit.


  1. I'm reporting this blog for abuse.

  2. Well, it was fun while it lasted I guess.